About Us

About us

Northeastern Pennsylvania's premier water filtration company since 1989

Hydro-Therapeutics! You've probably heard the name or have seen our trucks on the road and wondered, "What does this company do? Are they some type of physical therapy that uses water, or what?" Well, if you guess therapy, you're right! However, we're not physical therapists. We are WATER THERAPISTS. For the past 26 years, we have corrected water problems for local restaurants, post offices, factories, businesses, and thousands of area residents.

Hydro-Therapeutics came into being with a goal of addressing the many concerns people in Northeastern Pennsylvania have about their water. People are looking for solutions to problems; some as serious as private wells contaminated with bacteria or industrial chemicals, lead leaching from interior plumbing into tap water, and giardia cysts in water. Others as simple as removing chlorine from tap water, eliminating rust, green staining, or hard water scaling. For businesses wanting to provide great-tasting, aesthetically appealing water for their employees but not wanting the extremely high cost of having to use a bottled water service, we are able to provide them with a more cost effective alternative to accomplish their goal, and in most instances are able to save them literally thousands of dollars.

Hydro-Therapeutics, with its corporate office located in Schuylkill Haven, PA is a company dedicated to completely and accurately informing the public of the potential problems associated with water today, whether its the water you bathe in, cook with, clean with, or most importantly DRINK. We believe its every person's right to improve the quality of their drinking and service water, and we offer an innovative approach to having affordable water quality protection for their home and office. To approach this goal, we seek out the highest quality products, utilizing the latest technology in the industry, in order to offer the consumer the water protection that best fits their needs and budget. Whether you live near Reading, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Williamsport, Allentown, Stroudsburg, or Philadelphia, we have a solution for you.

Hydro-Therapeutics can fix any water problem! We specialize in:

  • Comprehensive Water Testing
  • Bacteriological Testing
  • Acid Neutralizer Systems
  • Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers
  • Sulfur Removal Systems
  • Water Softeners & Filters
  • Iron Removal Systems
  • Ozone Systems
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Well Pumps & Tanks
  • Replacement UV Bulbs & Chemicals
  • Ask us about:

  • Eliminating Rust Stains, Green Stains, Scaling, Odors, Bacteria & Chlorine Taste
  • HUNDREDS of "Local References"
  • Fully Installed Prices
  • 0% Interest Free Financing
  • Free "In Home Consultations"
  • Evening & Weekend Appointments
  • We Can Help . . .

    Schuylkill Haven (570) 385-5185

    Myerstown (717) 866-8555

    Lehighton (570) 386-8111

    Lake Harmony (570) 722-9292

    Stroudsburg (570) 688-9090

    Allentown (610) 774-9696

    Toll-Free (800) 303-7873

    We service and repair all water systems.

    Emergency well pump replacement/repair.

    Free water testing!

    Point-of-Use Water Cooler Services.

    Bad odors to water

    Rust or Green staining

    Pin hole leaks in plumbing

    Hard water scaling

    Bacteria contamination

    Well pump replacement/repair

    Well pressure tank replacement/repair

    Commercial/Industrial process water treatment

    Water pressure problems