Water Solutions

Customized solutions for today’s water challenges.
“We can help with that!”

Are you having trouble with:

Bad odors to water
Rust or Green staining
Pin hole leaks in plumbing
Hard water scaling
Bacteria contamination
Well pump replacement/repair
Well pressure tank replacement/repair
Commercial/Industrial process water treatment
Water pressure problems

We can help with that!

We take pride in being Northeastern Pennsylvania’s premier purification company since 1989. We are your one stop shop for all water filtration, air & surface disinfection, and well needs.

Services offered:

Water Conditioners
Water Softeners
Water Filters
Water Testing
Well Pumps
Water Tanks
Drinking Water Systems
Residential Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Industrial Solutions
We service and repair all water systems
Emergency well pump replacement/repair
Free water testing!
Point-of-Use Water Cooler Services

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…crystal clear as your water will be.

Their knowledge and explanation of the job was crystal clear, just like your water will be if you use this company.

Anthony I.

…uphold the same quality

One could only hope all future interactions with other companies uphold the same quality as Hydro-Therapeutics.

Mike N.

“… right, honest and affordable.”

“You know the job will get done right, honest and affordable.”

Joseph D.

“… role model …”

“You are a role model as to how an organization should be run.”

Bob G.

“… like nothing I have ever received …”

“Their customer service is like nothing I have ever received anywhere before.”

Josh M.